Truro City Centre

We are approx 4 minutes walk from the lovely city centre Of Truro the Capital city of Cornwall with its shopping streets and lanes full of local individual Cornish shops and plenty of national stores like Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Next, Monsoon, Laura Ashley etc. It is a modern City but steeped in tradition and History which goes back hundreds of years. Truro initially grew as an important centre of trade from its port and then in the 1700s as a Stannary Town for the mining industry. The principal role of a Stannary Town was the collection of smelted tin, it was tested and stamped before it was sold & exported the tax was also collected and paid to the crown. In Truro all this took place at the COINAGE HALL. The building still exists today although it closed as coinage hall in 1838 and since Then has had different uses, its located is in Boscawen Street City centre (PHOTO above by war memorial).

In Georgian times Cornwalls and Truros big social life was the wonderful Assembly Rooms built in 1780 in High Cross, an area that is in front of the Cathedral entrance but in the days before the Cathedral was built High Cross was a much bigger area. In a photo above of the Cathedral entrance You can see the Assembly Rooms on the left (red blinds in windows) all that remains is the front facade of the building a new interior was built on making the whole building much smaller Than the original. This amazing frontage with its ornamented Wedgwood plaques of William Shakespeare & David Garrick (famous actor of the day) was the entrance to splendid monthly balls Where young men and women danced and socialised together in their fine fashions until a late hour. Many other events on a regular bases took place in the Rooms making it the most popular place to go. (PHOTO above on the photo of the front of the Cathedral).

A new addition to Truro Centre on Lemon Quay Piazza outside the Hall For Cornwall theatre is this wonderful Sculpture by Tim Shaw a renowned Sculptor who was asked when he first moved to Cornwall What he thought of Cornwall he mentioned that it had its own drumbeat ! and when commissioned to do a sculpture remembered this and the theme was born. The theme was complete when in June 2011 Roger Taylor, who was raised in Truro, Drummer to the legendry band Queen unveiled the sculpture. (PHOTOS above of the sculpture outside the Hall for Cornwall Theatre).

In the SPRING & SUMMER the City Centre is alive with activity with indoor & outdoor markets on Lemon Quay Piazza including Continental markets with stalls of foods and crafts from all over Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. Parades and licensed buskers are often seen in the streets. AUTUMN & WINTER is just as colourful and exciting with CHRISTMAS looming there are Christmas markets And parades of FATHER CHRISTMAS and his real reindeers and the now famous CITY OF LIGHTS Parade. As we get closer to Christmas late night shopping with live entertainment in the streets turning On of the Christmas lights by a celebrity with a firework display all in all a wonderful time in Truro. (PHOTOS above of Christmas parades and street lights).
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